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About Rage Models !

Rage Models is a London-based model agency. The Shanghai branch boasts a reliable reputation for connecting exemplary models and stylists with the world’s most prominent brands and publications. Our legacy is dated since 1998 and with the commitment to identifying new faces alongside a large variety of models and customers. Rage Models is China’s foremost Shanghai Model Agency, with a network of over 500 Models. Performing under modern ideas and solid management, as a leading commercial modeling agency, Rage Models Asia takes pride in its capacity to deliver results. Our share in the fashion scenario of promoting, marketing, business, online, and TV helps us to maintain an in-depth knowledge of the present market patterns and trends assessment. Rage Models, China office has a wide range of models of any age, ethnicity, and style. Our mission is to keep up its remarkable duty in contributing to the community that has sustained our success for the past twenty years. As an organization, the Shanghai Model Agency is resolved to sustain and create long-haul careers, treating models with insightfulness, care and, above all, as people; a model’s welfare and enthusiasm are the core beliefs at Rage Models. In the three decades since its debut, Rage Models has seen many competitors emerging in the market due to the way it empowers its customers and models to achieve more in life. It’s no big surprise the agency has increased such fortunate notoriety with regards to growing new talents into the world, representing some of the leading commercial models in London and China spanning across numerous boards; from female and male model divisions, plus size models, curve models, petite models, fitness models, lingerie models and fitting models As we proceed to finding young talent in a modern and new world, continuing to recognize the need for a sophisticated and fresh approach to management within the ever-evolving fashion industry in Shanghai is very important. As Rage models Asia moves towards a new chapter in our iconic era, we invite you to help define what will come with us.



Talent Audition

Expressions 60%
Dressing 80%
Behaviour 90%
Speech 75%